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Wow, are there A LOT of delightful HoneyBook alternatives out there!

Not to trash HoneyBook – like my MindBody and Hootsuite alternatives, we’re just exploring what’s out there. Sometimes it’s easiest to see how others measure up to – or surpass – these industry leaders.

So whether you’re a current HoneyBook user looking for change, or exploring options before making your first choice, this article aims to help you make an informed & happy decision.

I’ve only included true HoneyBook alternatives. Each of the contenders that made the list are comprehensive business management tools with features comparable to HoneyBook, including client management, online booking, invoicing and payments, project management, task automation, contracts and agreements. Additionally, these alternatives include a mobile app so you can manage your business on the go.

Let’s dive in!

9 HoneyBook Alternatives

What is the Best HoneyBook Alternative?

The best HoneyBook alternatives are: Dubsado, Tave, Bloom, Bonsai, 17hats, Studio Ninja, Session, Pixifi, and Sprout Studio.

Dubsado is a customer relationship management tool designed for creative entrepreneurs, providing them with a platform to manage projects, invoices, and contracts.

Tave is a business management app primed for photographers and creatives. It offers photographers in-depth organizational features for projects and contact management.

Bloom is a comprehensive software for managing client information, contracts, invoices, and scheduling designed specifically for photographers.

Bonsai is an all-in-one freelance management tool, offering features like project management, time tracking, and invoicing, making it great for all types of freelancers working in creative industries.

17hats (Top Pick ✅) is a business management system designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners, particularly creatives and solopreneurs.

Studio Ninja is a business app developed specifically for photographers, providing them with a streamlined approach to client management.

Session is a business management software tailored for photographers that streamlines client scheduling, invoicing, and communications to increase overall workflow efficiency.

Pixifi is an overall business management tool designed for photographers, videographers, and studios.

Sprout Studio (Top Pick ✅) is a photography-centric business management software. It combines studio management software with online galleries, album proofing, sales galleries, and more.

What About PandaDoc, Check Cherry, InvoiceOwl?

While these software tools are popular among creative professionals, they didn’t make the cut as a true HoneyBook alternative with comprehensive business and client management features.

What’s the Best FREE HoneyBook Alternative?

True, a free HoneyBook alternative may be hard to come by. BUT, I’ve got three good solutions to consider:

My first and favorite pick is Square. I love their versatility and their flexible plans. You can get quite a lot out of the free plan. Check out my review, or head straight to Square for creative professionals here.

My second recommendation is I reviewed this excellent platform here.

A third suggestion is to cobble together a few free tools. FreshBooks or Zoho Invoicing for invoicing and accounting, Calendly for online booking and payments, Hubspot CRM for client management and communications.

Keep these three options in your back pocket and read on!

What is HoneyBook?


Let’s get reacquainted with HoneyBook. It’s a comprehensive client management platform designed to help small businesses and freelancers streamline their client-related workflows and processes. Features include customer relationship management (CRM), task automation, invoicing, contracts and agreements, online payments and scheduling.

HoneyBook Pros

  • User Friendly. HoneyBook is known for its intuitive user interface, allowing new users to navigate it relatively easily.
  • Customizability. HoneyBook allows you to customize your experience through features like personalized branding on your client facing materials, customizable email templates for efficient client communication, and tailor-made project workflows for streamlined project management.
  • Automation Features. HoneyBook handles standard business processes like sending emails, questionnaires, and invoices through a customized sequence of actions known as workflows.
  • All-in-one tool. You get a suite of tools that are essential for client management, making it a cost effective option for small businesses.

HoneyBook Cons

  • Limited Integrations. HoneyBook supports fewer integrations with third-party apps as compared to some other platforms.
  • Price. It’s slightly on the expensive side, especially for freelancers or those just starting their business.
  • Minimal Financial Reporting Features. If your business requires extensive financial reporting, HoneyBook’s capabilities may not be sufficient.
  • Limited Customization on Booking Page. The client booking page has fewer customization options compared to other areas on the platform.

HoneyBook Pricing & Free Trial Info

HoneyBook Pricing

The Starter Plan ($15.20/mo or $153.60 when paid annually) gives you standard HoneyBook features including invoicing & payments and contracts. The Essentials Plan ($31.20/mo or $307.20 when paid annually) comes with added customization, automation and business tools. The Premium Plan ($63.20/mo or $633.60 when paid annually) is for multiple companies and unlimited team members.

HoneyBook offers a 7-day free trial (no credit card information required) and a generous 60-day money back guarantee. Try HoneyBook risk-free.

Best HoneyBook Alternatives for Small Business Owners & Freelancers

Let’s dive into the best HoneyBook alternatives. We’ll go over tops features, pros and cons, pricing & free trial info, and my take on each software option.

1. Dubsado



Dubsado is a business management software tool that’s an ideal alternative to HoneyBook. Dudsado delivers wide-ranging features and functionalities that help you consolidate invoicing, scheduling, project tracking, and many other back-office tasks in one platform.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline operations: Dubsado simplifies business workflows through a seamless consolidation of project tracking, invoicing, scheduling, contract management, and more in one platform.
  • Enhance client interactions: Its feature of client management eases customer handling by providing a way to manage all client-specific information, including proposals, emails and contracts.
  • Automate tasks: Dubsado fosters productivity with its automation feature allowing users to automate invoicing, payment reminders, emails, and other tasks.
  • Improve financial management: The tool’s invoicing feature helps businesses manage their finances more effectively by tracking payments, sending reminders, and creating customizable invoices.

Dubsado Pros

  • Users applaud the system’s user-friendly interface.
  • Its wide variety of automation possibilities is well-liked by small to medium businesses.
  • The customer service provided by Dubsado is reported to be exceptional.

Dubsado Cons

  • Some users find the platform’s learning curve a bit steep.
  • There are occasional complaints about minor bugs.
  • Some users have mentioned that the mobile application could be more polished.

Dubsado Pricing & Free Trial Info

Dubsado Pricing

Dubsado offers a free trial for the first three clients letting you explore most of its features. After the trial, you can choose either the Starter plan at $15/month or $150/yr ($12.50/mo) when paid annually or the Premier plan at $35/month or $350/yr ($29.17/mo) when paid annually.

My Take on Dubsado

My one gripe with Dubsado is that scheduling (which I consider a very basic feature) is not included in the Starter Plan. Otherwise, the overall feedback reflects a strikingly positive user experience, making Dubsado an appealing HoneyBook alternative.

Interested? Start your free “no limit” trial and access all Dubaso features, no credit card required.

Try Dubaso Risk-Free

2. Tave



Tave is a popular business management platform renowned for helping businesses and freelancers streamline their workflows by efficiently managing their projects, marketing, finances, and client relationships. As a HoneyBook alternative, it offers extensive features that cater to different professionals like photographers, event planners, artists, and many others.

Key Benefits

  • Simplify Processes: Tave organizes your entire business process in one central place. It allows you to create contracts, manage appointments, send invoices, and track business performance right from your dashboard.
  • Adapt to Your Business: Tave provides customizable features that make it easy to tailor the software to your unique workflow and specific needs. It supports your ability to manage multiple brands from one account.
  • Create Professional Quotes: With Tave, you can switch from using generic estimates to uniquely branding your quotes. Stand apart by delivering personalized quotes to your clients.

Tave Pros

  • Outstanding Client Management: Tave has been praised for its efficient client management and robust CRM features. These have been applauded for helping users maintain and manage their customer information in an organized manner.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Users are impressed by the level of customer-oriented service that Tave provides. Their support team is known for excellent response times and solution-oriented feedback.
  • Intuitive Interface: Tave has an intuitive, user-friendly interface which users find easy to navigate. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who are not well versed with software navigation.

Tave Cons

  • Limited Mobile Capability: Several users note that the mobile version of Tave is not as friendly or intuitive as its desktop counterpart.
  • Complexity to Beginners: Some users mention that there’s a bit of a learning curve in the initial stages, especially for those who are new to business management software.

Tave Pricing & Free Trial Info

Tave Pricing

Tave offers three primary plans: Solo at $24.99/month or $269.88/yr ($22.49/mo) when paid annually, Boutique at $34.99/month or $377.88/yr ($31.49/mo) when paid annually, and Studio at $49.99/month or $539.88/yr ($44.99/mo) when paid annually.

They’ve got a 30-day free trial, no credit card required.

My Take on Tave

I find Tave’s pricing structure unnecessarily complicated. As business owners, we like whole numbers that make accounting less annoying.

What’s great about Tave is the full access to features – especially automation – for all plans. I also appreciate its substantial trial period. Overall, Tave stands out as a comprehensive and functionality-rich alternative to HoneyBook.

Try Tave Risk-Free

3. Bloom



Bloom is an all-in-one studio management software designed specifically to cater to the needs of photographers and other creative professionals. Like HoneyBook, Bloom helps users streamline their workflow, manage clients, and automate various business aspects with its unique blend of features and tools.

Features & Benefits

  • Send digital contracts and invoices with ease.
  • Enhance client relationships with customizable email templates.
  • Accept and manage online bookings.
  • Stay organized with Bloom’s integrated task management features.

Bloom Pros

  • Seamless Interface: Bloom’s user interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate even for first-time users.
  • Excellent Customer Service: The platform is well-regarded for its responsive and helpful customer service.
  • Growth and Efficiency: Many users have experienced growth in their business and increased efficiency after adopting Bloom.

Bloom Cons

  • Limited Customization: Some users have raised concerns about limited customization in contract templates.
  • Occasional bugs: There have been cases noted of occasional bugs and glitches within the system.
  • Learning Curve: Several users have pointed out that it does take a bit of time to learn how to fully utilize all of Bloom’s features.

Bloom Pricing & Free Trial Info

Bloom Pricing

Bloom offers a 7-day free trial for its Starter and Standard plans. The Starter plan is $17/month or $156/yr ($13/mo) when paid annually and includes most Bloom features. The Standard plan is $37/month or $348/yr ($29/mo) when paid annually. They also offer a Full-Serve plan at $197/mo which includes dedicated account setup, branding and management services.

My Take on Bloom

Bloom’s plans are sensible and straightforward. While the customization options might not be as extensive in Bloom, the organized interface and exceptional customer service make this tool a strong alternative to HoneyBook.

Try Bloom Risk-Free

4. Bonsai



Bonsai offers freelancers and small businesses a suite of tools designed to streamline operations. With Bonsai, you can create proposals, draft contracts, craft invoices, and manage projects in one platform.

Features & Benefits

  • Automate administrative tasks with Bonsai’s workflow features.
  • Simplify invoicing and expense tracking with Bonsai’s integrated financial tools.
  • Stay compliant with Bonsai’s contract creation and management features.
  • Craft professional and compelling proposals.
  • Improve collaboration with Bonsai’s project management features.

Bonsai Pros

  • Ease of use: Users commonly praise Bonsai for its user-friendly interface and easy navigation.
  • Time-saving: Many users comment on how Bonsai has saved them significant time due to its automation features.
  • Outstanding customer service: Bonsai users report highly satisfactory experiences with the platform’s customer service, labeling it prompt and helpful.

Bonsai Cons

  • Limited customization options: Some users wish for more flexibility and customizability with certain features of Bonsai.
  • Occasional bugs: A few users report experiencing occasional bugs or glitches while using the platform.

Bonsai Pricing & Free Trial Info

Bonsai Pricing

Bonsai offers a 7-day free trial, though a credit card is required. The Starter plan at $24/month or $204/yr ($17/mo) when paid annually comes with access to most features. The Professional plan at $39/month or $384/yr ($32/mo) when paid annually and offers custom branding and automated workflows. The Business plan at $79/month or $624/yr ($52/mo) when paid annually adds business management features and unlimited collaborators.

My Take on Bonsai

One of Bonsai’s stand-out features is its extensive gallery of editable contract templates. This includes contracts, NDAs, proposals, quotes and more. Kudos to Bonsai for providing these much-needed tools for busy business owners. Overall, a comprehensive, user-friendly solution and HoneyBook alternative for independent professionals.

Interested in trying it out? Try Bonsai today.

5. 17hats



17hats is an innovative business management tool designed to create an organized and efficient workflow for all kinds of small business owners, making it a robust alternative to HoneyBook.

Features & Benefits

  • Streamline Day-to-Day Tasks: 17hats provides an all-in-one dashboard that allows you to manage clients, projects, contracts, and emails from a single platform.
  • Improve Cash Flow: With its integrated invoicing and online payment features, you can send professional invoices and get paid faster.
  • Enhance Customer Service: The tool’s in-built client management system helps maintain relationships efficiently, keep track of client communications, and deliver a superior client experience.
  • Stay on Track: Its project management feature enables you to stay organized, keep due dates in check, and ensure projects stay on track.

17hats Pros

  • 17hats provides a clean interface that enables intuitive navigation.
  • The platform is lauded for its functionality as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all small business needs.
  • Its ability to automate repetitive tasks is highly appreciated, saving users valuable time.

17hats Cons

  • Some users have found its bookkeeping features to lack depth, indicating a need for improvements.
  • There have been reports of glitches and slow loading times, affecting user experience.
  • More customization features have been requested by some users.

17hats Pricing & Free Trial Info

17hats Pricing

17hats offers a 7-day free trial, no credit card required. They offer 3 packages: an Essentials package at $15/month or $150/yr ($13/mo) when paid annually, a Standard package at $25/month or $300/yr ($29.17/mo) when paid annually, and a Premier package at $60/month or $600/yr ($50/mo) when paid annually.

My Take on 17hats

There’s a whole lot to love about 17hats. One is its strongly integrated system. 17hats doesn’t rely on a third-party patchwork of features like some others do (beware of software solutions boasting “Zapier integrations”). Their in-house customer support team is also intentional, and frankly, quite rare. Templates and workflows are the name of the game, making 17hats a solid HoneyBook alternative for a wider range of professionals – in fact, over 100 different business types use this software.

Give 17hats a try.

6. Studio Ninja

Studio Ninja


Studio Ninja is a leading management software designed specifically for photographers. Its unique set of capabilities make it a great HoneyBook alternative.

Features & Benefits

  • Effortlessly streamline your entire workflow, from leads, quotes, contracts, invoices, scheduling to tasks and more, with Studio Ninja’s job management feature.
  • Keep track of your finances, send invoices, and receive payments seamlessly with the integrated invoicing feature.
  • Never miss a client deadline with Studio Ninja’s task management tools.
  • Stay organized with Studio Ninja’s client management tool, which securely store client details, communication history, and key documents, all accessible at the click of a button.

Studio Ninja Pros

  • Its ease of use makes it accessible for beginners.
  • Strong customer support with quick response times and helpful solutions.
  • The ability to customize features to fit individual business needs.
  • Intuitive design that streamlines workflow management.

Studio Ninja Cons

  • Certain reports can be tricky to generate without familiarity with the system.
  • Additional features or integrations may be required for some specific business needs.
  • Frequent updates can occasionally lead to temporary issues or changes.

Studio Ninja Pricing & Free Trial Info

Studio Ninja Pricing

Studio Ninja offers a generous 30-day free trial, no credit card required. Pro plan at $24.90/month or $249/yr ($20.75/mo) when paid annually or the Master plan at $36.50/month or $364.80/yr ($30.40/mo) when paid annually.

My Take on Studio Ninja

For photographers, Studio Ninja is worth checking out. The Australian-based business management solution (co-founded by a photographer) offers free migration, and a community from all over the world. The only thing to keep in mind is the constant software updates–though designed to elevate your user experience, they can introduce temporary hiccups. (And, similar to my gripe about Tave, I wish Studio Ninja would simplify their pricing.)

Try Studio Ninja free for the first 30 days.

7. Session


Designed for photographers, Session aims to help you simplify the scheduling process and manage your workflow from one convenient dashboard.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatically manage bookings, send email reminders, and integrate multiple calendar systems without leaving the app.
  • Generate custom reports to track customer engagement over time or identify trends in booking behavior.
  • Use advanced analytics to optimize schedules and maximize productivity.
  • Create a professional website within minutes that includes all your services, pricing packages, business information and more.
  • Customize your availability by location or offer different rates for specific types of services.
  • Enjoy secure payments processing so clients can pay online quickly and easily when they book an appointment through Session’s website builder feature.


Session Pricing

One of the things I love about Session is its flat-rate pricing: $19/mo for ALL 35 features. Includes a branded booking site, contracts, self-serve premium booking, multiple payment gateway integrations, client reminders, earning reports and more.

With the yearly plan, you’ll save $60 (3 months free) at a one-time payment of $168.

My Take on Session

If you’re a photographer looking for a simplified scheduling and workflow tool, Session is for you. They pride themselves on eliminating unnecessary bells and whistles found on other dashboards. The testimonials speak for themselves:

Session Testimonials

Interested? Session offers a Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Try Session

8. Pixifi



Pixifi is a software platform catering to photographers. An effective alternative to HoneyBook, it allows businesses to manage their projects, workflows, tasks, and more with ease.

Features & Benefits

  • Stay organized with Pixifi’s project management feature which includes workflow and tracking capabilities.
  • Manage inquiries, bookings, and contracts with ease while demonstrating professionalism with the platform’s streamlined client communication tools.
  • Manage invoices, expenses, and product sales effectively using Pixifi’s financial tracking features.

Pixifi Pros

  • Customers appreciate the comprehensive nature of Pixifi, which caters to a broad array of business operations.
  • Fans of the platform also value the robust and customizable workflow options.
  • Pixifi’s customer support is widely praised, with many users expressing that issues are responded to and resolved promptly.

Pixifi Cons

  • Some users find that the interface can be somewhat complex and may have a steep learning curve.
  • Certain customers have reported that the software can occasionally be slow.
  • A few customers would like to see further development and expansion of features.

Pixifi Pricing & Free Trial Info

Pixifi Pricing

Pixifi offers a 30-day free trial. Pricing for its Essential plan is $29.99/month and includes Pixifi’s robust CRM, booking, automation features, workflows and contracts. The Boutique plan is $39.99/month and includes additional users and booking pages. Studio Pro is $54.99/month with workshops, gift cards and Elite at $139.99/month for unlimited everything (staff, booking pages, etc.).

My Take on Pixifi

On the front end, Pixifi is a bit less sophisticated than our other options. As a stickler for details, I can’t look past the site’s grammatical errors, lack of basic information on the website (eh-hem… exactly HOW LONG is the free trial?), and the absence of clear, detailed explanations of the features for each pricing plan. These deficiencies, despite being huge pet peeves of mine, don’t seem to reflect any weakness on the software itself. Pixifi gets rave reviews from users, making it an excellent HoneyBook alternative.

Try Pixifi risk-free.

9. Sprout Studio

Sprout Studio


As a business management and sales solution, Sprout Studio is tailored specifically for photographers. It’s an all-in-one platform combining studio management software, online galleries, album proofing, sales tools, and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Organize every aspect of your business with intuitive features for scheduling, invoicing, contracts, and analytics.
  • Streamline client communication with the platform’s emailing system, built to ensure all communications are consistent, professional, and organized.
  • Increase revenues with online galleries and album proofing leading to print and digital product sales.
  • Manage workflows efficiently through automated tasks and reminders.

Sprout Studio Pros

  • The all-in-one system that allows for better customer and workflow management.
  • The client galleries are elegant and easy to use.
  • The robust and customizable emailing system ensures consistent brand messaging.
  • Excellent customer service and a devoted team always working on updates.

Sprout Studio Cons

  • Some users experienced a steep learning curve initially.
  • Limited functionality in some areas like the calendar tool.
  • Occasional delays in customer service response times during peak hours.

Sprout Studio Pricing & Free Trial Info

Sprout Studio Pricing

Sprout Studio offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. Lite plan at $19/month or $150/yr ($12.50/mo) when paid annually, Basic $36/month, Pro $51/month, Unlimited $69 or $350/yr ($29.17/mo) when paid annually.

My Take on Sprout Studio

Oh, Canada! (I’m a Canadian half-blood, so… always a fan.) First, gotta say I love a good origin story. Like their counterpart, Sprout Studio offers clean & thoughtful EVERYTHING. I appreciate the Lite option for new photographers, and overall low pricing plans. An excellent all-in-one solution and HoneyBook alternative.

Try Sprout Studio here.

How I Came Up with This List

When comparing each software tool against HoneyBook, I conducted the following research:

  • Overview of the Platform: I studied the general usability, range of features, and the types of customers that the platform caters to.
  • Key Features: I scrutinized each platform’s features such as project management, task automation, invoicing, client management, workflow automation, real-time collaboration tools, email templates, and client portal.
  • Pricing: I compared the pricing plans of each HoneyBook alternative, considering both the value for money and the flexibility of available plans.
  • Customer Reviews: I researched personal stories and reviews from real customers, to give you  insights on the pros and cons of using each platform in real-world scenarios.
  • Payment Processing: I considered integrations with Stripe and multiple payment options.
  • Customer Support: I included reviews on the quality and accessibility of each platform’s customer support, as this can greatly impact user experience.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’re now better positioned to find an alternative to HoneyBook that not only meets your immediate needs but can also adapt and grow with your business. Here are a few actionable tips:

Understand your business needs first. Identifying your business needs precedes your software choice. This entails having a clear understanding of what specific tasks you want to automate.

Test out a few before settling. All these HoneyBook alternatives offer a trial period. Take the time to treat each test seriously, noting the features and functions that resonate best.

Consider scalability. As your business grows, so should your software. Choose software that can adapt to your expanding business needs, or be open to switching to one that can.

While HoneyBook is a great choice for many creative businesses, there are plenty of alternatives. Whether yours is a photography, event planning, catering, music, or interior design business, there’s a business management tool for you.