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DIY SEO Bootcamp

by Hello, Neumann

DIY SEO Bootcamp

Is your business making a waggle dance or a beeline toward page 1 of Google?

You know that cute little dance they do, right? 🐝 Charming for figure skaters and honey bees, but a road to nowhere for business – especially when it comes to SEO.

So, instead of dabbling or waggling with SEO (or worse, outsourcing it AND your business reputation into questionable hands), do it the right way – with the no-fluff, all results course that teaches you exactly what to do.

DIY SEO Bootcamp

Save Time & Do it Right!

Use My System

I’ll show you exactly my method I use with clients – so that you can learn while doing. Get ready to roll up your sleeves!

Use My Templates

Take my templates and easily customize them for your own business to save time and start improving your SEO.

Hand It Off

Ready to delegate? You’ll have everything you need to hand it off with confidence  to your in-house staff or virtual assistant.

DIY SEO Bootcamp

Who is this woman… and why should I trust her?

Kim Neumann

Kim Neumann

Marketing Consultant
& Business Owner

Hello! I’m Kim, the voice behind Hello, Neumann.

As a one-woman marketing agency with 20+ years of experience. I’ve distilled my marketing skills into efficient processes that deliver results to my clients. I’m excited to present my DIY marketing tools to businesses like yours, so you can save time and start seeing results – fast. Here’s a little bit more about me.

DIY SEO is the Way to Go!

Learn one of the most essential marketing skills for your business – the easy way. My straightforward, step-by-step instructions and templates promise to save you time and money, while protecting your business reputation from questionable SEO practices. Start increasing your customer reach today, while supporting the health and longevity of your business.