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Jasmine Vineyards

A case study in packaging, influencer marketing, lifestyle photography, reviews, recipe development, advertising, videography, press & sales collateral.

I have never seen anything like the effective workings of Kim. She is single-handedly the best advertising person I have had the pleasure of working with, her talent is all encompassing. Truly, a wonder in the world of promotion.

Sonya C., Jasmine Vineyards


Uniform design was achieved across all packaging with a signature white frame showcasing the brand’s quality and freshness. Minimal graphics include “Grown in California” badge to highlight the product’s local, seasonal appeal.

Results: Clean, crisp and attention-grabbing in busy produce aisles across North America, Europe, Asia and Oceana.

Influencer Marketing

Emily Rampton’s visually appealing take on healthy eating aligned perfectly with the Jasmine Vineyards brand. Video, blog and photos of Grape Salsa Recipe with Sweet Globe™ Grapes earned organic traffic and consumer awareness of the Sweet Globe variety.

Results: Thousands of brand impressions on the Rainbow Delicious blog and social media channels (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube).

Emily Rampton
Rainbow Delicious

Lifestyle Photography

Palm Springs’ La Quinta Resort provided the quintessential California setting for our lifestyle photo shoot.

Results: The new portfolio elevated the brand to match the company’s already stellar reputation for exceptional quality grapes. Healthy, happy kids, bright, summery pastels, and a natural, easy-going vibe affirmed the brand’s “cut above” position in the market. Numerous uses included full-page advertising, press, product releases, sales tools, web and social media.


Shoppers always raved about Jasmine Vineyards grapes, but they didn’t always have the means for sharing their feedback. Today the company’s vibrant social presence and consumer-friendly website welcomes and rewards these customer kudos. Grape fans can win a Jasmine Vineyards bucket hat and other swag as a token of the company’s appreciation.

Results: Social proof in the form of hundreds of positive reviews shared on social media and promoted in sales tools.

Recipe Development

Top-rated food photographers captured both sweet & savory grape-centric recipes coupled with tasteful product placement.

Results: Search-driven recipes and health articles generate an annual increase of 20% year-over-year in organic traffic to Jasmine Vineyards’ website. A steady feed of visually-appealing social content earns attention with organic followers and high engagement.

Made for the Trade

Advertising, press coverage and sales collateral


Frequent ad placement in industry-leading digital newsletters alerts retailers and distributors to the product’s seasonal availability. Fresh Alerts™, a weekly, real-time virtual inspection of the grower’s latest varieties, drives email opt-ins. Print ads in select publications reinforce brand recognition.

Press Coverage

Long-form stories, such as “Let Flavor Lead” in top produce industry publication The Snack, aim to make meaningful connections with decision-makers. A few pages later, the Jasmine Gin Mule entices readers with its fresh twist on a classic cocktail.

Video Loop

Sold in world-famous wholesale markets such as San Francisco’s produce terminal and Mexico City’s Central de Abasto, Jasmine Vineyards grapes have a visually-rich story to share. This corporate video runs on a loop at seller terminals, showing its ranch operations and the people who plant, harvest, pack and ship their grapes. Drone footage offers breathtaking views of California’s famous San Joaquin grape-growing region from staggering heights above.

Sales Collateral

The 75th anniversary edition of the company’s biannual Trade Toolkit highlights historical facts and photos from the table grape industry. Primarily serving as a sales tool for grocery executives and produce buyers, the 36-page booklet treats readers to colorful spreads of table grape varieties, friendly faces from the field, progressive farming and harvesting practices and ranch operations.