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Looking for unique business ideas with lots of profit potential?

Look no further!

Here you’ll find 81 unique business ideas that represent a variety of skills, talents and interests.

Why You’ll Love This List

These business ideas are timely, unique and needed.

  • Timely: I do a lot of consulting, and see where improvements can be made in the business and marketing world.
  • Unique: Rather than a general list, I get ultra specific on many of these business ideas.
  • Needed: There’s either room for healthy competition, or the business idea highlights an unmet need that still exists in the market.

Let me know if you take any of these ideas and run with them! I’d love to hear how it goes.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

81 Business Ideas in 2023 – Unique & Profitable!

Table of Contents

1. Advanced VA Certification Program – Online Course

There is no shortage of virtual assistants (VAs), but there is a lack of consistency when it comes right down to VA services.

Can you find all the holes, the complaints, the shortcomings in this industry, and solve those problems with a certified training program, delivered online?

Virtual Assistance continues to be a growing industry with huge potential for both income and development in all kinds of industries. Be the new Gold Standard!

Recommended tools/apps: Teachable, Thinkific, or Kajabi.

2. Social Media Manager for Agencies

Rather than marketing your social media services to small businesses, why not contract with marketing agencies? Or target complementary service providers, like web designers?

My own experience hiring social media managers has been less than optimal, so there’s room for improvement.

Highlight your excellent, reliable communication skills, provide monthly reporting, and offer to develop branding guidelines if they don’t fully exist. Also, be familiar with white-label services.

Recommended tools/apps: Agorapulse or Sendible for multiplatform social media management; Meta Business Suite (free) for Instagram and Facebook.

3. Social Media Manager for Businesses

Based on the fact that most business owners simply can’t be bothered with social media, and due to the time investment required to do it well, social media services continue to thrive.

Taking this task completely off the client’s plate is essential: demonstrate how you can do this, right on your home page, simply and clearly. Make it a no-brainer.

Just a few clients can yield an excellent and reliable income – whether it’s by monthly retainer, or hourly social media services. A freelance gig can expand into a social media agency where you hire, train and manage freelancers.

Recommended tools/apps: Agorapulse or Sendible for multiplatform social media management; Meta Business Suite (free) for Instagram and Facebook.

4. Restaurant Marketing Specialist

The restaurant business is as competitive as Hell’s Kitchen. 🔥

But what if someone like you came along, offering a delectable menu of marketing services (served prix-fixe style), to make customers flock in from near and far?

To compete in this cut-throat business, restaurants need a whole slew of digital marketing services that reach locals and visitors alike. These include:

Yelp management, Google business page management, TripAdvisor page management, local SEO services, Instagram growth marketing and newsletter writing, to name a few.

Recommended tools/apps: BrightLocal for local SEO and reputation management; Adobe Lightroom for photo editing; Agorapulse or Sendible for multiplatform social media management; Meta Business Suite (free) for Instagram and Facebook; Mailchimp (free) for newsletters.

5. Non-Profit Administrative Manager

Having worked with and for non-profits, I can tell you from experience there is a need for reliable administrative support.

Just by specifying nonprofit administrative manager, you demonstrate familiarity with the industry and communicate your value.

Depending on the type of non-profit (some are member dues supported, others are grant-supported, many are both) there will be an assortment of tasks needing attention.

These may include: member management & support; committee management & support; donor program management; admin tasks (email, phone support).

Nonprofits tend to like hiring multi-talented individuals who can take on a variety of tasks, so offering up additional tasks (newsletter writing, social media marketing) can set you apart.

6. WordPress Website Design & Management

Whether you’re an established web designer or just starting out, there’s always room to carve out a niche and grow in this field.

I’ve been designing sites since 1999 (remember Dreamweaver?), and even with Wix, Squarespace and others, WordPress leads the pack in terms of professional brand presence on the web.

Recommended tools/apps: Divi theme + Cloudways hosting for easy cloning and site staging.

7. Weight Loss Coach Extraordinaire

Known fact: The quickest way to lose weight is by cutting out simple carbs. I’ve seen it happen many times with family and friends, and it’s quite dramatic.

No magic pills, no detoxes, cleanses. Just get to the most effective method (which also happens to be the healthiest), and offer up the accountability and support needed.

For a $3.8b industry, weight loss is really all about branding. What would your weight loss coaching services look like?

Recommended tools/apps: Zoom or a healthcare app like Jane

8. Small Business Bookkeeping + Monthly Tax Consulting

As a small business owner, I don’t need something like Bench – yet. But if there were something in between that and our yearly tax accounting service, I’d be interested.

Something to keep my books updated, while also helping me save on taxes.

Maybe you have all this information in a client newsletter (or in your head), but could be further developed into a value-added service, that easily commands a regular monthly fee?

Plenty of small business owners are looking for something “in-between” what’s currently offered in the tax services and accounting space.

9. SMB Newsletter Writer

I know many, many small business owners who 1.) understand the high ROI of newsletters, and yet 2.) neglect to write & send them.

Inconsistency is pervasive in the world of business newsletters. But you can change that, with your newsletter writing service that promises to take this task completely off the business owner’s plate.

Not only that, they’ll feel immediate confidence you can write in their brand voice and need very little direction.

Offer packages with different frequencies and make them buyable right off the website. I recommend a 100% money back guarantee. Great for small and mid-sized businesses.

Recommended tools/apps: Mailchimp (free) for newsletters.

10. Newsletter for E-Commerce

This type of newsletter combines informational pieces with product/service promotion.

It’s a great recipe for building community and loyalty – whether it’s around fair-trade chocolate, an exercise program, or organic gardening.

Again, inconsistency can mean missed opportunities, so the value of your service is easily quantifiable.

Recommended tools/apps: ConvertKit or Mailchimp

11. Email Marketing for Coaches

Not all coaches are good writers, and email marketing for coaches is highly specific.

That writing must be personable, empathetic writing that inspires action. It’s also funnel-driven writing – as in, you’ll need a complete buyer’s journey mapped out.

With all the business coaches, life coaches, and health coaches out there, opportunity abounds.

Recommended tools/apps: ConvertKit

12. “Just the Deals” Email Marketing for E-Commerce

I know a distributor that represents many brands. I get their email. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes twice a day.

That’s because they have sales constantly.

Unlike a newsletter, or email marketing, a sales email is just that: just the deals. Think beautifully designed, easy on the eyes, simple and straight to the point, lots of beautiful pictures and clickable buttons. With great frequency.

This type of email has an easy-to-measure ROI, involves regular A/B testing and is a must for companies that want to move lots of product.

13. Google Drive Organizer

Do you know how many hoarding situations are happening right now on Google Drive?

Offer to Marie-Kondo those gdrives.

Create a beautiful outline and template for what you’re going to organize. Show some before & after screenshots. Promise NOT to throw anything out. Create a map of where everything is.

I’m seeing plenty of search results for “Organize my Google Drive” with ZERO services to fulfill this need.

14. Best Business Swag Blog

Companies and organizations of all kinds order swag – for conferences, for reception areas, for gifts.

How about a blog that stays on top of the latest trends in swag, offers creative ideas for different kinds of companies and events, and makes a commission in the process?

To dip your toes, Google “logo mugs for business” and explore affiliate opportunities with countless suppliers in the swag world.

15. Natural Products Expo Blogger

Anaheim’s Natural Products Expo West brought in over 2,700 exhibitors and 57,000 attendees in 2023.

Surely there’s a way to reach this audience and provide a helpful resource that’s also monetizable?

Consider untapped affiliate blogging opportunities for this massive audience.

Resources: Check out the exhibitor list here.

16. Corporate Gifting Specialist/Blog

Corporate gifts range vastly – but generally fall into three categories:

  • Cheap, mass-produced items like pens, notepads, water bottles – for lots of employees and visitors
  • Middle-range items, like nicer mugs, logo-embroidered bucket hats, locally-produced goods for employees, customers
  • VIP customer gifts, like a Peter Milar golf shirt, fine liquor.

Perhaps your blog could cover all these areas, and make commissions off your highly recommended ideas and trends?

17. Dishes & Laundry: A Cleaning Service

At one point, we tried hiring a cleaning service. But the kind of service we needed didn’t exist.

Instead, they all required a thorough assessment of our house, which involved lots of questions about square footage, number of bedrooms and frequency of deep cleanings needed.

All we wanted was someone to do our laundry and dishes.

Here’s a great example of shaking up an industry by making it more customer-centric. What are the unmet needs from the customer’s point of view?

18. French Laundry Service w/App

We were visiting my in-laws in Seattle recently and their washing machine died.

A new one was quickly and effortlessly purchased online, but it would be a few days before it arrived.

With 2 kids and 2 working professionals, that’s a lot of laundry piling up.

I suggested a French laundry service – because, surely those must exist?

Then, the weirdest thing happened: In our search, we found tons of laundry service apps promising the same thing: same-day pick up/drop off, charged by the pound, reasonable rates.

But when we entered our zip code, service wasn’t yet available. In Seattle. Land of the original Amazon HQ.

Conclusion: there’s a boatload of market testing going on. But still no French laundry.

Any takers?

19. Virtual Front Desk Support

You want to know how to stand out in the virtual receptionist world?

Make this service buyable right off the website.

Rather than lengthy “discovery calls” with business owners who don’t have time for that, just put up videos of actual receptionists – taking calls, doing their job.

Make the service sell itself. Include every possible FAQ, low cost trial and 100% money back guarantee.

Just doing something a little differently – even in a saturated market – can make you stand out.

20. 30-Day Quit Smoking Challenge – Membership Site w/App

There was an interesting CNN article on “The 6 most scientifically proven methods to help you quit smoking.”

Number 1 was financial incentive (losing money first, getting money second).

Number 2 was cold turkey. And even those odds were pretty low, with studies suggesting just 4-7% quit cold turkey without additional help.

Number 3 was positive peer pressure.

Why not combine these top three to offer a creative solution, like a membership site?

It should: 1. cost enough to make sure there’s skin in the game 2. follow a simple and proven cold turkey approach, and 3.) offer immediate access to a supportive group, whenever cravings hit.

Make it fun, make it worth talking about, and word will spread.

21. Boss for Hire

Going into business is challenging for many reasons.

No more boss, for one.

But many of us could still use someone to check in on us once in a while. Just to make sure the important stuff is getting done.

Maybe you have project management experience, or are generally well organized and enjoy taking charge – from a respectable distance. This consulting/coaching job could be for you.

22. World’s Best Customer Service & Support Company

“Oh my god, that was the most amazing customer service experience of my life.”

Said no one, ever.

What does this tell us?

There’s plenty of room for boutique-style customer service that really rolls out the red carpet.

For companies that are interested in retention as much as acquisition, investing in human, live, friendly, personable, intelligent customer service agents might be a smart move.

Just sayin’. Something to explore here.

23. Earth-Friendly Shopper Blog

Why not empower consumers to vote with their dollars?

Eco-friendly, sustainable, direct trade, fair trade, recycled/upcycled – there are countless products that can be recommended to the conscious consumer.

Through an affiliate marketing model, you might recommend eco friendly patio furniture, fair trade coffee subscriptions, high end clothing brands, gift ideas and more.

24. The Business Doing Good Blog

Certified B Corporations “use business as a force for good.”

Explore the over 6,000 B Corps, including companies like Coursera, Leesa, and Warby Parker and see how you might start a profitable blog that supports these “mission-driven companies that balance purpose and profit.”

Another “vote with your dollar” concept.

25. Grain of Salt – Product

How does this company not exist yet?

It could be anything salt-related: specialty salts and/or seasonings. Luxury bath salts. Salt & pepper shakers.

26. Easiest Ever Marketing Service

Can you offer a few packaged marketing services that are easy as pie to purchase, right off the website? That require no phone call, no consultation, no back-and-forth emails?

Take the headache out of hiring freelancers and agencies by making your services a no-brainer.

Productize services by spelling out exactly what you’ll deliver. Guarantee impeccable work, flawless execution, and a 100% money back guarantee.

27. Healthy Habits Coach

Some people have health concerns that warrant working with a registered dietician or other medical professional. Others will go with a personal trainer.

A great many simply want to get support with a health goal, like losing weight, lowering cholesterol or increasing energy with regular exercise.

Support (specifically in the form of accountability) is proven method for increasing the chances of reaching that diet/lifestyle goal.

For those in the coaching profession, think of other common pain points and how you might brand yourself as the solution provider.

28. Virtual Physical Therapist

230,000 people injure their achilles tendon each year in the US. Guess what doctors typically recommend? Surgery.

My friend suffered an achilles rupture in 2022 while playing tennis, with a 6-month recovery period to look forward to. Not to mention a possible recurrence.

All the specialists she saw recommended surgery.

Fortunately, she’s also clinical director at a major hospital, bringing alternative and complementary therapies to patients. She did her research to find out that physical therapy had better clinical outcomes than surgery, and without the risks.

She hired a PT who specialized in achilles’ tendon injuries, met via zoom, and documented her successful recovery on Facebook. Best investment she probably ever made.

Maybe you’ve got a success story, or alternative therapy to surgery that gets excellent results and want to help others?

29. New Mom BFF – Membership Site

Lack of adequate postpartum care is one of the biggest complaints among new moms.

Loneliness, fatigue, depression, feelings of inadequacy – these are all extremely common feelings among new moms.

How about taking the emerging “platonic companionship” market that’s gaining popularity in the US (and apparently well established in Japan) and targeting new moms to offer helpful, empathetic peer-to-peer support?

According to a recent Vox article, the author described her Rent-a-Friend experience as feeling “a bit like talking to a new therapist, or talking to the only stranger you like at a party filled with people you hate.”

Sometimes we don’t need a therapist, just someone who understands.

30. Woman-Owned Plumbing Company

My niece is the inspiration for this business idea.

And she’s smart – you know why? Because when AI takes all our jobs away, she’ll have a waiting list and a healthy bank account.

Why not own such a company?

Especially since we’re already experiencing a growing shortage of ‘blue collar labor.’

Reimagine a new kind of business that elevates the work of plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, construction workers and others. A great branding project, too.

31. Website Templates & Hosting for Any Niche

Health & wellness professionals, beauty salons, car repair shops – wherever there is a large pool of services, there’s a need for professional web design.

While I’ve seen a fair bit of templates out there, I’m not seeing really good templates. There’s room in the market for improvement.

Think about how you can truly customize these templates to reach business owners.

32. Content Writer for Any Niche

From coaches and chiropractors, accountants and pest control, lawn care services to plumbers – there’s ample opportunity to help businesses with content marketing.

Include a complete content marketing strategy with 3-month, 6-month and 1-year packages. Make it easy with a “test-drive” sample that’s low cost and demonstrates your high value.

33. Local SEO Services for Any Niche

Local SEO is a different beast from regular SEO in that you’ll want to put extra effort into Yelp, Google Business Profile, Nextdoor, business listing sites and other review sites.

Recommended tools/apps: BrightLocal for local SEO and reputation management

34. Social Media Marketing for Any Niche

Imagine building your reputation as the social media rockstar for health and wellness brands, sustainable brands, travel & leisure, pet care, or home & garden.

A few portfolio projects showing increased engagement, clicks, and followers and you’re on your way.

35. Reputation & Reviews Management for Any Niche

Getting a bad review – whether you’re a small business owner or large company – can feel like a punch in the gut.

What if you offered both reputation management and review-building services to help businesses increase positive visibility?

36. Destination Doggy Daycare

Is your home city also a tourist destination?

Plenty of vacation-goers would love to take their furry friends along, if only there was a convenient, reliable & trustworthy doggy daycare option.

Offer hotel pickups, drop-offs and other conveniences, show off your rave reviews, offer reasonable rates and zoom call reservations to give pet parents added peace of mind.

37. Brand Ambassador + Consultant

What are your favorite products and services?

Brand ambassadors stand apart from loyal customers in their ability and desire to promote that brand. To a company, that’s like getting the best version of a salesperson.

38. Sell Your Merch

Some might say merch on demand is saturated. How will your products stand out?

Check out Amazon’s Merch On Demand, Teespring and others. See where you can carve out a profitable niche in this space.

39. Hassle-Free Cleaning Service

Can you provide a cleaning service that offers easy booking, rebooking, canceling, preferred times, and the ability to specify what needs cleaning – all in an app with an excellent chat feature?

If so, you’ll crush the competition.

Look at the local competition, the reviews and complaints. Build in solutions that prevent those common problems.

40. Holiday Subscription Boxes

New Year’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas – these are but a few holidays kids & families like to celebrate.

Explore the market and see what’s missing. Is there a gap in more budget-friendly options? Eco-friendly options? Are there underserved populations/holidays in the subscription box market?

41. Made in the USA Shop – Blog

From big ticket items like appliances, to clothing and cosmetics, you can find and promote all kinds of Made in the USA brands.

How about including states, cities and towns where these items are produced or manufactured?

This blog could be monetize through affiliate links and sponsored content.

42. Live Like the Locals – Blog

If you live in a popular destination, why not share all the delightful nooks and crannies that often get overlooked in other travel sites?

There may be hiking spots, restaurants, events and happenings that give visitors a richer experience and true sense of the local flavor.

Consider partnering with local businesses, adding affiliate travel links, and creating in-depth destination guides supported by local business advertising.

43. The Extra Joy of Gifting – Blog

Why not promote gift ideas that also help support important causes?

While there are plenty of “gift idea” posts, your affiliate blog could focus exclusively on gifts that also make the world a better place.

From animal welfare and job creation to access to clean water, both giver and recipient will feel a little extra joy knowing they’ve supported a good cause.

44. Parents’ Favorite Career Counselor

What if you made a name for yourself helping high school students find direction toward a career, major, vocation or even their own small business?

Working with a virtual career counselor can provide incredible insight for teens unsure of their next move in life.

For parents who feel limited by how they can help, or by the local resources available, your services can be truly life-changing.

45. Professional Advisor

While a mentor is defined as a non-paid person with experience in a job who advises someone with less experience, a professional advisor is essentially the paid version of that.

It’s worth noting that, while “free” mentors can be found at places like SCORE, many people feel uncomfortable not paying for these services.

If you like the idea of mentoring and have plenty of experience to share with newer professionals in the field, this business idea might be worth exploring.

46. Local Directory that Promotes Local Services

We all know about Yelp, Bark – the big dogs. But locals trust locals.

Why not create a style directory of local services? Check out Amazon Services for an example of effortless booking. Talk to businesses, and see if this kind of appointment booking system with transparent pricing might work in your area.

This business idea could be supported through local business advertising.

47. Science-Backed Wellness Solutions – Blog

From “migraine relief” (40k monthly searches) to “how to improve memory” (10k monthly searches) we could use a wellness resource that’s all about the science.

Many excellent products (supplements, medical devices) share the research that went into them.

Lots of affiliate opportunities here.

48. Menopause Relief Blog

25 million US women are menopause age (roughly 45-55). And, 8k monthly searches for “menopause supplements” tells you that many of us are looking for natural remedies.

Hence the relatively new (and highly profitable) subscription supplement model.

How about a lifestyle blog that reviews hormone-free alternatives and other products with affiliate programs, plus a sponsored newsletter that’s a joy to read?

49. Digestive Wellness Expert

Millions suffer from digestive ailments and are looking for natural remedies.

Maybe you’ve had a personal experience worth sharing? This alone can give you a credible voice in this health & wellness niche.

Consider affiliate opportunities; selling products via private label; or a 30-day ‘heal the gut’ program that offers ongoing diet and lifestyle support.

50. Back Pain Blog

In addition to seeking proper medical attention, those with back pain can use at-home therapies and products to ease pain and assist in healing.

Explore affiliate programs in physical therapy devices, patches, tapes, and more.

Awhile ago, I purchased a therapeutic device (around $125) which has effectively reduced my pain caused by a herniated disk.

51. Beautiful Skin & Hair Blog

I recently upgraded my hair and skincare routine. And these products are not cheap! But they are a great investment.

Whether yours is a beauty blog promoting such products, or one that helps people with common conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, hair loss/thinning, affiliate opportunities are available in this niche.

52. Pinup Photographer

IMO, there’s no better way to help ladies celebrate their bodies – in all ages and sizes and phases of life – than a pinup photo session.

Rockabilly style, roaring 20’s, Man Ray, circus-themed – the possibilities are endless.

53. New Mom Comedy Relief Newsletter

Our son is 10 now, but those baby days are still fresh in my mombrain.

Know what I would have loved to get in my inbox back then? A dose of Ali Wong.

There are various ways to monetize a newsletter, including affiliate links and sponsorships. Check out Swapstack for inspiration.

54. Coloring Book Encyclopedia

Am I the only visual learner out there?

Didn’t think so.

But for some reason, I can’t find a coloring book to help me learn more about the world, at my own, multi-sensory pace.

There are plenty of coloring books for relaxation, but what about for sharpening our minds?

55. Gift Recommendations for Every Possible Occasion

Bridesmaid gifts, gifts for 2-year old boys, corporate gifts, gifts for Uncle Steve.

It’s a biggie. Tremendous affiliate potential.

56. All-Occasion Public Speaking Coach

From wedding toasts to big presentations, we need help with public speaking.

Yes, there’s Toastmasters. But that’s a big a commitment, and not available everywhere.

What about a few zoom sessions with a public speaking coach?

Offer one-offs, small packages, or ongoing help with public speaking, and possibly voice coaching or other confidence boosting services.

57. Kids Wacky Pajama Sets – Subscription Box

The thing with kids is they keep growing.

Pajamas are a great product, because they practically scream for creativity and playfulness.

Consider limited edition designs, seasonal/holidays, birthday jammies, special fabrics… the possibilities are endless.

58. Kids Birthday Party Kits

Here’s a business idea that Pinterest was made for.

Think themed birthday supply boxes with age-specific balloons, decorations and party favors.

Instead of cobbling these things together, parents can find an easy, all-in-one solution.

59. Coffee Cart Service

I stole this business idea from a friend. He does a backyard espresso service and the coffee is small-batch roasted, smooth and ⚡ strong.

Great for catered events and parties, conferences and even pop-ups in alleyways or parking lots.

60. Locally Made Artisan Chocolate

I recently tried ordering from one of our local chocolatiers, but they were out of chocolate!

I even went to the farmer’s market thinking they would still have their little stall, but no. (Conclusion: they’re doing quite well for themselves.)

Small batch, locally-crafted chocolates make meaningful gifts – for clients, kids, friends, in-laws, sweethearts; Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and #nationalchocolateday.

61. Treasure Hunt Subscription Box

“Okay, time to go home now!”

Worst phrase ever uttered to a child on a playdate.

How do I get them happily on their way? With a quick little treasure hunt – few wrapped chocolates hidden in the front yard.

Can you tap into this fun activity with a subscription box containing unusual artifacts and treasures for birthdays, St. Patty’s Day, Unicorns are Real Day, and other made up magical days?

62. Tiny Home Blog

The tiny home market is growing exponentially.

Estimates put prefab and tiny home global growth at USD $4171.33 million from 2022 to 2027, with continued momentum soaring into the stratosphere.

Whether downsizing, planning a second home, adding a detached office (our neighbor has one – very sharp looking), a lady cave, business nook, pool house, kids’ play area… tiny homes are filling lots of different needs and wants.

And yes, of course you can buy a tiny home on Amazon.

Think affiliate blogging for tiny homes and all their home & garden needs – including furnishings, heating/cooling, gardening, solar panels, and outdoor furniture.

63. Insurance Claims Biller

Chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, psychotherapists, nutritionists – many take insurance. Some process claims on their own, others hire a service.

You could be that service. You’ll need to stay up-to-date on the latest billing and coding guidelines for the practitioners you’ll be serving.

Build a great reputation and word will get out – many have large Facebook groups where referrals happen.

64. Private Label: Natural Zero-Calorie Sweetener

Every year at the Natural Products Expo, there’s a trending ingredient. When I went, it was resveratrol. More recently, it was monkfruit.

While I haven’t tried monkfruit yet, my mom said she uses it now. It’s 200x sweeter than sugar with zero calories. It’s also priced about 200x higher than sugar.

Why not research suppliers and sell your own erythritol-free brand of healthy sweetener?

65. Gluten-Free French Bakery

I’m not sure why this is still the case, but gluten-free baked goods still have a long way to go.

Muffins and cookies and loaves are pretty good. But the finer pastries and bakery items, like baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolate, donuts – these need some attention.

Any takers? If so, send me samples. 🍪

66. Compassionate Communication Workshops – Digital Course/Membership Site

Nonviolent Communication author and pioneer Marshall Rosenberg, has helped transform all kinds of relationships for the better.

And like yoga or tai chi, compassionate communication is a practice with benefits that are reaped over time. It takes patience. What I’m getting at is, we need support!

I’d love to see a course that takes these teachings and packages them up into a digestible format with ongoing support/practice.

67. A+ Cover Letters, A Writing Service

Many years ago, I wrote resumes and cover letters for my aunt and uncle when they relocated from New England to Florida.

20 years later, they told me they both got those job offers (one in bookkeeping, the other in masonry work). They said it was all thanks to those cover letters!

You, too can offer this service, and do a muuch better job than any AI writing tool. Why? Because cover letters need to connect with the reader, using a professional, friendly, human tone.

Consider offering 3 different packages, one that includes a brief zoom meeting with clients. This will allow you to match your writing tone to their personality. Of equally qualified candidates, the one that’s more authentic is likelier to land the interview.

68. Gluten-Free + Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Shop

I know a few people who are both gluten-free AND vegan. As you can imagine, they get pretty used to saying, “oh, that looks delicious but I can’t.”

Maybe you share a similar dietary profile and want to spice up the market a bit?

This could be an online shop that ships fresh to the 50 states.

Research Facebook groups and other community sites and see if there’s a big enough need. Consider starting with one yummy product (chocolate chip cookies) and expand from there.

69. World’s Best Husband Award – Newsletter/Website

Wives across America submit wonderful and amazing things their husbands did or said.

My husband took out the disgusting compost.
He put a fresh coat of paint in the bathroom while I was away.
I asked if he remembered our 9-year-old son’s birth weight for a form I was filling out, and without a beat he said “8 pounds, 7 ounces,” and resumed sweeping the back patio.

From simple to heroic. From everyday tasks we happen to notice, to monumental moments of raw, Herculean bravery.

This would make a very cool live feed. And a newsletter, which even I would read.

Monetized how, you ask? How about sponsored by Gilette? Or Dollar Shave Club?

Such accolades could be awarded each month, judged by a rotating panel of micro-celebrities or influencers.

70. Press Kits for Personal Branding

Personal branding continues its upward trajectory, with individuals building recognition for their knowledge, talents and accomplishments.

Enter the press kit.

Originally used for published authors, musicians and artists, the press kit has expanded to include social media influencers, subject matter experts, YouTube personalities, and professionals from all kinds of industries who want to expand their reach.

Unlike the multi-page spread of this Janis Joplin press kit (circa 1969 Source:, today’s press kits are often 1-page documents highlighting stats with photos and informative graphics.

In lieu of a resume, press kits are used when discussing potential partnerships, including sponsorships and speaking gigs.

How will your press kits stand high and above the DIY templates?

71. Business Insider Toolkits

Lots of times, a business idea or career sounds pretty great.

Take that Gluten-Free + Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Shop example.

But I bet you there’s some insider knowledge you just can’t find online.

Wouldn’t you pay for the kind of “wish I knew when I started” information to steer you in the right direction?

Maybe you’re a baker who sells online, and you’ve got these gems of knowledge that could help a budding baker save time, skip some painful steps you endured, and become profitable faster than doing it alone.

What about a growing resource of these Business Insider Toolkits for all kinds of businesses?

72. Insider Guides, Various Professions

Before we enter any profession, we should TALK TO PEOPLE in that profession.

This takes some effort , though. An easier option that’s equally helpful: a collection of perspectives from these professionals, gathered in a downloadable document.

Consider a resource that promises direct and candid answers to questions like:

How hard is it to make money doing this kind of work? What’s your day-to-day like? What do you like/dislike about it most? What did you learn that you wish you knew when you started? If you could start over, what would you do differently? What top 3 lessons would you share with someone just starting out, or considering this profession?

These insider guides seem pretty invaluable to me, and a very good investment for both high school kids to anyone seeking a career change.

73. Student Loan Payoff Program – Membership Site

Student loans are plaguing this country. Someone once told me matter-of-factly, “I’m going to my grave with student loan debt.”

Once in this situation myself, I can relate to the desperate circumstances in which millions find themselves.

Surely there’s a creative solution to this crisis – one that’s a little more helpful than the three current options (refinancing, consolidating or praying for loan forgiveness).

How about a reasonably priced membership site that gives members the tools and information they need to pay their loans faster? How about access to a community of people in the same boat, who, instead of feeling alone and crummy, get a sense of belonging, support and camaraderie as they chisel away at their debt together?

Components of this program could include gamification, coaching sessions, live Q&As, and the option for graduates of the program to advise future members.

74. Business Growth Boss

Along the lines of a Boss-for-Hire, a Business Growth Boss would focus specifically on a monthly or bimonthly check-in centered on business growth.

Check-ins could cover things like projections, milestones, and growth goals.

Two monthly 30 minute meetings – it’s all a business owner really has time for, and just enough to cover the essentials.

If you have the credentials to back it up, and can provide laser-focused consulting, this would be a coaching type gig that delivers just the right dose of direction and accountability.

75. Yelp Marketing Services

I once considered a Yelp agency partnership, especially when I saw behind the scenes how profitable it could be.

Some businesses spend A LOT on Yelp advertising, every single month. You could be making commissions from this ad spend by optimizing and managing those Yelp pages.

Check out the Yelp partnership page for more info.

76. Amazon Marketing Services

Behind every item on Amazon is a business that needs marketing.

Brand story pages, product descriptions, A+ content creation, company updates – and optimizing all these with keywords and product links – are just some of the services needed.

Also review management, customer questions & answers, and insuring competitors aren’t misrepresenting their brand or underselling them. Lots to offer here.

77. Low-Alcohol Beverages

Not non-alcohol. LOW alcohol.

There seems to be a missed opportunity in this emerging beverage market.

For now, it’s Trilogy Kombucha Classic for me – 1% ABV, billions of probiotics, and a nice, healthy buzz.

78. Hemp/CBD Consultant

The Green Rush is still alive and well.

My experience marketing for a hemp grower, talking with a cannabis consultant friend of mine, and seeing conferences still packed to the gills leads me to believe demand continues.

How might you help hemp/CBD business owners navigate this evolving market?

79. Instagram Growth for Local Businesses

Sometimes local businesses want another local to help them with marketing.

If you’re in a mid-sized to large city, you can help countless small businesses reach more locals with Instagram marketing, e.g.:

Food trucks and restaurants showing off delectible dishes and daily specials

Fitness instructors posting workout routines, fitness tips, and before-and-after client photos

Hairstylists and nail technicians show their skills & creativity

Boutique shops that share their latest products, sales, and promotions.

Offer packages that are easy to purchase off the website; with options that include engagement, organic growth services, and ecommerce integration with tagged and shoppable items.

80. Lead Generation Specialist

Lead generation, like marketing itself, uses a combination of approaches and tools to achieve a specific outcome – in this case, nice healthy conversion rates.

And, with so many industries and tools, there’s plenty of room to specialize.

Are you a Salesforce expert specializing in biotech? A Hubspot power user with a focus on local home & garden services? A lead gen specialist for the hospitality industry that uses Marketo?

One of the most impressive pages I’ve come across is Hubspot’s Case Studies page. Similarly, your portfolio page can stand out, letting the data speak for itself.

81. Systems Management & Documentation Specialist

One of my favorite business books is Work the System by Sam Carpenter.

The lessons are simple yet transformative: document your company’s procedures and processes, update them with continuous improvement in mind, and get every staff member on board.

Reading such a book is one thing; implementing these practices is quite another.

This could be a coaching or consulting service you offer, an online course, or in-person training program inspired by these teachings.

Final Thoughts

Remember – even the most lucrative business idea can turn out to be a slog if the work itself isn’t rewarding.

I started a marketing agency seven years ago, when I finally realized freedom & flexibility were essential – to both my family life and my general wellbeing.

Consider your own non-negotiables, but be willing to get there, too. Building a portfolio for example, can take some time and pay little to nothing – but it can be a rich learning experience and lead to some great connections that pay dividends later.

Talk to people. Professionals in your field of interest are by far, the best source of information. Take them for coffee or lunch, or meet via zoom with reps from companies that have programs you’re interested in.

Ask yourself what kinds of problems you like to solve, because this is what you’ll be doing on the day-to-day.

Here’s to your ongoing success! 🥂