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Family hikes, messy desserts and puppy cuddles: just a few of life’s essentials.


Hello, Neumann, of course refers to the 90’s sitcom Seinfeld

But, I am a true child of the eighties. (And, well, ’70s.) Growing up in a small town in Western Massachusetts, I was raised on a steady diet of network TV favorites like Grizzly Adams, Little House on the Prairie, Dukes of Hazard, Happy Days, Three’s Company, Laverne and Shirley, and The A-Team.

Thank goodness there was also Wonder Woman. ⚡

I now reside in a little slice of heaven called Marin County, California with my family and our spicy little Chihuahua, Fonzie.

Fun facts…

  • Built my first client website in 1999 – pre-Wordpress!
  • Got a taste of running my own brick & mortar in San Francisco after getting my master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine to practice acupuncture.
  • In high school, I worked as the Friendly’s ice cream girl where I accumulated 3 years of sticky elbows and a real education in customer service. 🍦

Let’s do some great marketing.

Older and (a smidge?) wiser, I’m here to share tips and recommendations to help you tackle your own business & marketing challenges.

Why listen to me?

  • I bring 20+ years of marketing experience to the table (scroll down to see my experience 👇).
  • My insights come from working with real clients on a day-to-day basis. (Here’s a sample of my work.)
  • I’ve been in the real business world, too – struggling to pay rent, get clients, and actually make a profit.

If you’ve ever asked yourself… Do I need a bunch of AI marketing tools to stay competitive? I need a whole marketing plan – where do I get one of those? Can I build SEO on my own, or do I need an agency? Should I hire a virtual assistant? A business coach?

You’re in the right place. Stay tuned. I’m working harder than an ice cream shop on a hot and sticky East Coast summer day to give you the scoop. 🍨

My Experience

Roles & Responsibilities

A few areas of expertise

Marketing Communications • Media Project Management • QA Testing • Film & Video Production • Web Design • Marketing Consulting • Graphic Design • Direct Mail Marketing • Social Media Marketing • SEO • Email Marketing • Google Adwords • Facebook Advertising • Packaging Design • Branding & Corporate ID • Naming • Content Marketing • E-Commerce • Conference Marketing & Organizing • Print Ad Sales • Press Releases • Medical Journal Editing • Amazon A+ Content

Clients & Projects

People & industries I’ve worked with

Agriculture • Wholesale/B2B • Professional Association • Higher Ed Textbook Publishing • SMBs of All Kinds, including: Veterinarian, Integrative Medicine Clinic, Hemp Grower, Therapist, Pet Store, Restaurant, Musician, Artist, Running Coach, Florist

Tools & Platforms

A few things I work in

WordPress • RangeMe • Shopify • Amazon • Wix • Squarespace • Photoshop • Illustrator • Canva • InDesign

What’s with all the Ben & Jerry’s references?

Thanks for noticing! And, you’re welcome.😊 I mean, who doesn’t need a little more Ben & Jerry’s in their lives, am I right?

Growing up in New England, I’ve been to the beloved & iconic Vermont ice cream factory. And I can report back firsthand, that even a torrential downpour will not deter visitors from waiting in line for their favorite flavor. Even if it means getting drenched and possibly hit by lightening. ⚡

Oh, and their pints showing those cartoonishly perfect fluffy, white clouds drifting above the prettiest farmland on Earth? It’s all real.

Anyway, to answer your question… I couldn’t possibly come up with a reason not to sprinkle some Ben & Jerry’s love around here. Plus, once you’ve paid your respects at the Flavor Graveyard, you feel compelled to bring those “dearly de-pinted flavors” back to life in some way.